Mahtomedi Tops List of MN Best High Schools

Updated: 04/24/2013 6:07 AM By: Chris Egert

A new list came out today by US News and World Report and several metro high schools are in the state’s top 10.

Administrators got word this morning, with no advanced warning.

Mahtomedi Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mark Larson described the criteria, “It is based on the math and reading scores, college readiness."

Larson says the number one ranking was a surprise, but not really a surprise.

He says the benefits go well beyond the walls of the school.

"People do want to move to Mahtomedi, and we have high home values because of the schools."

There are 1200 students at Mahtomedi high school, only around 20 on free or reduced lunch.

Principal Kathe Nickelby believes the ranking isn't just about affluence but a culture of success.

"In order to be a student in an above average school, when you apply to those post secondary institutions ... Sometimes you don't get that look because you aren't in the right percentage.  But what colleges and universities are going to know is that in order to be an average student at Mahtomedi high school you are really above average,” Nickelby said.

Senior Claire Belisle loves her school, but did find a few faults with the ranking.

“It doesn't take everything into consideration, like our school spirit," Belisle laughed.

But she and Junior Jack Nadeau both agree one of the biggest reasons the school is successful is because of strong parent participation.

"The community is so involved with everything that we do, we have so many adults to support out events.  Whether it is academics, athletics or arts and stuff like that," Nadeau said.