West River Parkway Closes Monday for Major Repaving

Updated: 04/29/2013 4:10 PM KSTP.com By: Naomi Pescovitz

A Minneapolis parkway used by 6,000 cars per day is preparing for much-needed improvements. Starting Monday, April 29, West River Parkway from Fourth Street to Franklin Avenue will close for five weeks for repaving.

"It's construction season in Minnesota and in order to do this kind of work we need to close the road down and divert traffic. We hope people are patient, and I can say with some confidence that they'll love it when it's done," said Mike Kennedy, Director of Transportation, Maintenance and Repair for Minneapolis Public Works.

"With all the rain and snow we got now there are just more potholes in the potholes," said Minneapolis driver Katie Anderson.

"I hit one and actually ruined the tire," Wayne Hukriede said.

"This one has been bad for a number of years, once they get to a point where they really start going, they really drop off and they are really difficult to maintain," Kennedy said.

West River Parkway was paved in the 1970s.

"Taking out about 7 inches of whatever is there, asphalt, rock, whatever is there, taking it down to whatever base there is, and putting in modern, well compacted paving materials we really can extend the life of the pavements," Kennedy said.

The project will cost $800,000 and will be paid for with city money. The city is planning on keeping the pedestrian and cycling path open during construction.

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