No Sign of Kira Trevino in Thursday's Search

Updated: 04/26/2013 6:04 AM By: Leslie Dyste

Police are not giving up hope of finding the body of Kira Trevino, despite another search that came up empty.

St. Paul Police followed up on a tip Thursday.

Police were searching the Mississippi River for Kira Trevino's body. She has been missing since February.

Her husband, Jeffrey Trevino, is charged with second degree murder. He says he's not guilty.

Sgt. Paul Paulos with St. Paul Police said officials were near the Wakota Bridge between South St. Paul and Newport.

A crew searched the water, not the banks.

Randy Gustafson with the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office said Ramsey County and Dakota County water patrol assisted St. Paul in conducting the search.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Trevino's trial is scheduled for late May.

Watch the video above for previous coverage on the search for Kira Trevino.