Child-Resistant Caps No Match for Some Young Hands

Updated: 04/25/2013 11:09 PM By: Scott Theisen

A new report found nearly 70,000 kids were rushed to the hospital in 2011 with medicine poisoning. One of the reasons is that child-resistant caps are no match for young hands.

With their parents permission, ABC News gave six kids, ages 3 through 6, bottles that are supposed to be child resistant.

Before they even said go, the youngest of the bunch needed only six seconds to pop open a pain prescription bottle. The other 3-year-olds had more trouble, but the kindergartners opened every single bottle in just a seven-minute period.

Child resistant means the vast majority of kids under 5 shouldn't be able to open them in less than five minutes. But the kids in the experiment did just that.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission admits some kids will be able to open the bottles, but there has to be a balance because seniors have to be able to open their medications too.