Domestic Abuse Program Geared Toward Veterans

Updated: 04/29/2013 10:41 PM By: Nick Winkler

In many cases organizers say veterans have not done as well in traditional domestic abuse programs, which can trigger PTSD and cause veterans additional problems.

The Change Step program offered at the Domestic Abuse Project in Minneapolis aims to change that.

It's a special setting designed to put veterans at ease. Veterans sit with their backs against the wall, alternative exits are clearly identified, and veterans rely on one another like they did in the military.

The goal is to put them at ease so they can focus on changing their behavior.

Many of the three dozen participants landed in the program over the last 8 months because a judge, parole officer, or spouse requested it. In some cases, the program is an alternative to jail time.

Therapists believe they can better help veterans by carving them out of traditional domestic violence programs and offering them a special setting in which they can thrive.