Ice on Lake Minnetonka is Going, Going, Going

Updated: 04/30/2013 11:26 PM By: Tim Sherno

Businesses and residents in Mound are celebrating the apparent departure of ice from Lake Minnetonka.

Jay Soule is the General Manager at Al and Alma's lake cruise line, he says it's an exciting time, "We're ready a couple more hours here of leveling and straightening and primping the dock and we'll bring the boats over and get the cruising."

A few blocks away, Nancy Craig says she's been waiting for this day for weeks, "Oh, we live for this day! The winters are so long here and the boating season is so short."

Neighbor Janet Vanoosten says when the ice is gone, people see each other outside, "It's like you renew friendships after a cold long winter."

As for winter, Arlyn Anderson says when the ice is out winter is a memory, "It's over. I've got a sailboat or two this just waiting to get in the water."