May Snow Forces High School Teams Inside

Updated: 05/01/2013 11:28 PM By: Todd Wilson

South High School's baseball team is practicing indoors once again. They are at the local YWCA a couple blocks from school. And they are not alone.

"Softball has to use this facility as well, track has to use this facility as well. It's just a lot of moving parts going around here. It's tough getting through a baseball practice," Coach Brintall said.

With the way the weather has played out, it's also been tough getting through a practice outside. Coach Brintall says the teams first game was Friday. After having the first two-and-a-half weeks of nothing but postponements and cancellations.
"Every coach I've talked to right now, in every sport is going through it. It's just been a weird year as far as the weather is concerned," Brintall said.

According to Minneapolis Public Schools, this spring they have canceled 300 events. Schools are forced to reschedule games many are playing double headers.
Then you have teams like Cambridge-Isanti looking for a place to play. They made the 45-mile drive to play in the Metrodome. The cost, $750 an hour.

Scott Renstrom's son plays first base. He says the constant bad weather has forced the team to play back to back games.

"So now it's three, four days a week until the season's out," Renstrom said.

Coach Brintall says worse case scenario for his team, the season is cut short.