COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Flash Gordon: The Complete Series

Updated: 05/02/2013 9:06 AM By: Aaron Chalich

I just finished watching another great new release from Mill Creek Entertainment called “Flash Gordon: The Complete Series on DVD.”

I was first introduced to Flash Gordon when I saw the 1980’s film. I really enjoyed it a lot and thought that it was a great film. I actually bought it back in the day and watched it over and over.

“Flash Gordon” was originally a very popular comic strip back in the 30s and over there years there have been serials, books, movies and even a television show.

“Flash Gordon” aired on the SciFi Channel in 2007 and had 22 episodes.

“Flash Gordon” is based loosely on the comics and is about a guy named Steven “Flash” Gordon. He got his nickname because he likes to run and is very fast. His dad who was a scientist passed away in a mysterious accident and his ex-girlfriend is now a reporter. Eventually rifts start appearing in the town where Flash lives and aliens start coming through the rifts. 

The aliens are looking for a device that Flash’s dad worked on. Flash learns from his dad’s old assistant that his dad was working on some new technology that will allow people to travel through space and he actually went through a rift that he created. Flash pulls his ex-girlfriend through a rift to see if they can find Flash’s dad. 

They are transported to another world called Mongo and it is ruled by an evil dictator called Ming. Now Flash must try and find out what happened to his father and to see if he can make it back to Earth with him.

I really thought “Flash Gordon: The Complete Series” was great. I liked the story and thought that it was very interesting. I also really liked the special effects and thought that they were very well done. I also thought that the aliens and other races on Mongo looked pretty cool.

I also really liked the fact that you get all twenty-two episodes in this set.

The whole series is over fifteen hours and I went through it in a few days. I couldn’t stop watching it, I just had to see what was going to happen next.

Overall I really enjoyed Mill Creek Entertainment’s “Flash Gordon: The Complete Series” a lot. I thought the story was great and that it was very entertaining. I would highly recommend this show to people who are fans of Flash Gordon and to people who want to watch a fun and unique Sci-Fi show.

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