COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: The Lincoln Chronicles DVD Review

Updated: 05/02/2013 9:16 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Abraham Lincoln was our 16th President and he is well known for ending slavery. To be honest I really didn’t know that much about Lincoln until I watched a review copy of Mill Creek Entertainment’s “The Lincoln Chronicles” DVD set.

This DVD set is amazing and a must have for anyone that wants to learn more about Abraham Lincoln. This set contains over 29 hours of documentaries, movies, historic photos and tons of other information

There are ten DVD’s in the set that are broken up into four different documentaries, mini series and movies that are based on the life of Abraham Lincoln.  

The documentaries are beautifully narrated and full of interesting and detailed facts. They use photos, paintings and video footage of D.W. Griffith’s 1930 film “Abraham Lincoln” to explain and tell us about Lincoln’s life.

I really thought that everything was explained clearly and made a lot of sense. Sometimes when I watch documentaries on historical figures or events I get confused and overwhelmed with information, but all of the information in “The Lincoln Chronicles” was very easy to follow and put together well. 

I also really liked “Sandburg’s Lincoln: The Complete Miniseries event.” This miniseries aired in 1976 and starred Hal Holbrook as Lincoln. It is a six part miniseries and I thought that all of the actors did a great job and Hal Holbrook did an amazing job playing Abraham Lincoln.

Another documentary featured in the set was pretty cool to watch and it is called “Lincoln Trial By Fire.” The reason I really liked this was because there was a lot of live battle footage that of course was re-enacted, but it was exciting seeing all of the uniforms and guns and all of the soldiers running at each other on the battlefield. I thought that they did a great job recreating the Civil War and everything look authentic.

There is a bonus movie in the set that was a nice surprise. The movie is called “Yellowneck” and was released in 1955. It’s about five confederate soldiers trying to make their way to Cuba.  They must try and survive the deadly Florida Everglades and Seminole Indians. I thought that it was entertaining and fun to watch.

I also want to mention briefly that the DVDs come in a very nice hard clamshell that is very sturdy and it protects the DVDs nicely.

The DVDs that are featured in this great collection are:


I really enjoyed Mill Creek Entertainment’s “The Lincoln Chronicles” a lot and found it very fascinating. I thought that the documentaries were very well put together and full of valuable information about Abraham Lincoln.

I also felt that the information was very well researched and accurate.  It was also great to see a movie and miniseries about Abraham Lincoln. I know that history buffs and people that want to learn more about the life of Abraham Lincoln should pick up this DVD set.

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