Security Tightened at Kentucky Derby, Sporting Events

Updated: 05/04/2013 10:06 AM By: Cassie Hart

The bombing in Boston is certainly having a major impact on big sporting events -- like today's Kentucky Derby.

The annual "Run for the Roses" has been averaging more than 150,000 people.

We'll still be seeing those big, fashionable hats -- but we'll also be seeing a lot more security this year, according to Good Morning America.

Kentucky Derby fans are arriving to a noticeably different atmosphere amid Churchill Downs' trade mark fast horse and wild fashion.

Race officials say this year, the most exciting two minutes in sports will be among the most secure.

"We want to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun time at the track."

Spectators now have to pay close attention to what is allowed inside the arena.

So what's in and what's out?

Coolers, cans, and glass bottles are all a strict-no. 

Those oversized derby hats are allowed. Cameras for that photo finish are allowed, as long as it doesn't have a detachable lens.

The question now, is it working?

On Thursday, according to the arrest report, a man was able to sneak into Millionaires' Row at Churchill Downs without a ticket.

The 44-year-old then allegedly sat at a table and threatening to shoot people.  He was taken into custody, no weapon was found.

The increased security is happening across the sports world.

For the NBA playoffs, in a statement to ABC news, the league says safety is always a priority, writing: "We regularly practice a wide range of state of the art security measures in all of our arenas."

And in New York, for the Long Island Marathon this weekend, authorities will have radiation detectors and K-9's along the course to sniff out any potential threats.