Jeff Johnson to Run for Minnesota Governor

Updated: 05/06/2013 9:33 AM By: Hannah Anderson

Hennepin County Commissioner and Republican National Committeeman Jeff Johnson announced that he is running for Minnesota’s Governor.

Johnson, who is also a former three-term state representative will focus on three issues if elected: jobs, education and making government work.

“Minnesota is the greatest place to live in America,” Johnson said. “But under the people in charge of our state government right now, we are heading in the wrong direction. If we do not correct our course—soon—I am afraid that the greatness of Minnesota is in serious jeopardy. I am running for governor because I want to leave our state an even better place to live for our kids—and their kids—than our parents left for all of us.”

Johnson, who is also a former three-term state representative, will focus his efforts on three issues as governor—jobs, education and making government work.

He was born and raised in Detroit Lakes, Minn., graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., and Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C.

Some of his experience includes:

DFL Chairman Ken Martin said Minnesotans will notice his ambition.

“Jeff Johnson is a classic politician trying to climb the ladder. He left the Minnesota House of Representatives to run for Attorney General and failed," Martin said. "Now after a short time as a Hennepin County Commissioner, he wants to run for another statewide seat. Minnesotans will recognize this personal, restless ambition for what it is.”

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota released a statement from Executive Director Carrie Lucking in response to Johnson's campaign.

"Jeff Johnson will ask Minnesotans to forget his record of extreme votes at the expense of the middle class during his time at the legislature," Lucking said. "Amnesia is not a winning platform for Minnesotans in 2014."

Johnson will announce his campaign team and introduce policy positions as the campaign for governor progresses.