Big Money Monday: Minnesotans Reunite with Long Lost Cash

Updated: 05/07/2013 12:58 AM By: Bill Lunn

Big Money Monday this week takes us to Norwood Young America to reconnect people with money rightfully theirs.

Marie Nolan says she watched our big money Monday report, then hit her computer.

“I was watching the report and I decided to play around with it and I was creative and used a whole bunch of different names and I found my mother,” Nolan said.

The money was from her mom's estate. Nolan also found money for her brother, $795 dollars! He’s already got his check.

But it's not that easy for everyone. Mike Bohlken of Hastings is trying to recover money, not for himself, but for his brother Gary who is severely mentally handicapped. He says our Big Money Monday report inspired him and his mom to take action.

“Somebody called me this week as a response to seeing the story and I said you know what, I'm gonna figure out how to get this money, “ Said Bohlken

He learned that his mom -- his brother's guardian -- needed to fill out the form.

“My mom and I went online last night and we filled out the form as best we can.”

If and when they get that money, it could be Christmas time in the mid-summer. Mike says his brother loves unwrapping presents.  

“We come in the room once and all the presents were unwrapped.” Bohlken said. “Everyone's presents were unwrapped, so he loves Christmas. He loves to unwrap presents. So maybe he'll get a few presents out of this deal.”

Now to Edina, where mom always knows best. Danya Spencer checked out the website and found that two of her three sons had money owed to them.

"No it was great. It was really really easy to do. So then I called them or texted them and told them you better get on this and see what it's all about,” Spencer said.

Her son, Mark Sheffert, who lives in Bloomington got more than 600 dollars, wages from an old job. And while he's excited about the money... where it's heading less than exciting.

"I’m sure to pay bills,” Sheffert said.

Click here to see if you can claim money.