Residents of Afton say No to Wastewater Treatment Plant

Updated: 05/07/2013 6:14 AM By: Todd Wilson

Susan Stanton says she does not want the city of Afton to build a wastewater treatment plant next to her property.

"I just put $6-7,000 into the ground so I don't want to connect," Stanton said.

The city has bought this 25 acres site on St. Croix Trail South just North of The Old Village. Several council members came by to check out the property for themselves. Councilman Bill Palmquist says, the city chose this site out of ten different options. They closed on the deal two weeks ago. He says, the system built here will be state of the art.

"There will be a main line coming out of the old village. It will be a gravity feed and then there will be a pressure component of it at the edge of the old village to get it up to this treatment center," Palmquist said.

Monday night at city hall a public hearing was held. Most residents voiced their displeasure with the project.

"Nobody said a word to us," one resident said.

A consultant hired by the city did what he could to address their concerns.

"It's a big septic system to serve 70 homes and 10 businesses," the consultant said. 

But in the middle of the meeting the fire chief said everyone had to be cleared out. City hall was over capacity. so the meeting was held in the parking lot.

In the end Stanton says, she isn't buying what the city is selling.

"I'm really concerned," Stanton said.   

The city says the project should cost around $4 million. They already have $3 million in grants.

Residents will be assessed between 10 to 20 years. At the moment the amount has not been decided.