New Air Quality Rules Coming to Minn. Ice Rinks

Updated: 05/07/2013 7:45 PM By: Tim Sherno

The Minnesota Department of Health will soon begin to enforce new rules for indoor air quality at ice rinks and motor sports events.

Dan Tranter is the Supervisor of Indoor Air Quality at the Department of Health, he says most rinks have acceptable air quality levels, but not all, "There are some from time to time that are problems from resurfacing equipment putting out too much combustion byproduct."

New air quality rules require more frequent air quality tests for some rinks, and lower acceptable levels of both carbon monoxide and Nitrogen dioxide.

Tranter says changes have been in the works for five years, and should be in effect and enforceable in a few weeks, "The purpose of the rule is to ensure that the arenas are making sure that our air-quality is safe and testing air periodically and maintaining acceptable air-quality."