COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Scream Factory’s The Burning

Updated: 05/09/2013 9:41 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Shout Factory will be releasing another classic cult film on May 21st along with “The Town That Dreaded Sundown.” For the first time ever “The Burning” will be available on BLU-RAY and DVD in an amazing combo pack collector’s edition that is full of great and entertaining features.

“TheBurning” was released in 1981 and was directed by Tony Maylam. All of the special effects were done by Tom Savini and they look remarkable. Tom has done the special effects for movies like “Friday the 13th,” “Dawn of the Dead,” “Creepshow,” and tons of other horror films.

“The Burning” is about a creepy caretaker who is severely burned and disfigured after a prank that is pulled on him at a summer camp. After many years he goes back to the camp to get his revenge on the campers who are now camp counselors who pulled the prank on him. The campers must survive the brutal attacks and stop “Cropsy” before he kills them all.

I thought that the movie was great and really fun to watch. The story has been done before but it was still entertaining and was full of surprises. There are some very clever and unique ways that Cropsy takes care of the campers and Tom Savini’s make-up and effects are amazing.

The film print looks amazing and is flawless. I was very impressed at how well it looked and sounded.

The bonus features are as great as always. Shout Factory really outdid themselves with the special features in my opinion. I was very entertained and thought that they were spectacular. The special features include:


I really enjoyed Shout Factory’s “The Burning” BLU-RAY-DVD Combo Pack Collector’s Edition a lot. The movie was very entertaining and creepy. The film looks and sounds amazing and the special effects will blow you away. I know that people who buy this collection are really going to be happy with the quality of the movie and all of the special features that are included. Keep it up Shout Factory!

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