Innovative Therapy Helps Minnesotans Recover from Trauma

Updated: 05/10/2013 7:58 AM By: Nick Winkler

5 Eyewitness News has been granted a rare glimpse at an innovative therapy that's helping Minnesotans recover from trauma in ways other therapies have not enabled them to do.

EMDR, or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, uses light-emitting devices patients follow with their eyes to reprocess traumatic memories.

People undergoing therapy are prompted to relive traumatic experiences in an effort to ultimately remember them differently.

The goal is to neutralize or even replace negative thoughts or emotions with more positive thoughts.

5 Eyewitness News went inside a therapy session to show how the therapy is helping a veteran recover from traumatic Iraq war experiences.

Also highlighted is the recovery effort of a survivor of the mass workplace shooting incident at Accent Signage in Minneapolis last year.

The therapy has been so successful it is being offered for free for up to 100 veterans in Minnesota.

For more detail please visit the Minnesota Veterans Resilience Program via the Humanitarian Assistance Programs, Inc.