Kira Trevino's Family Helps Search for Mandy Matula

Updated: 05/11/2013 3:03 PM By: Todd Wilson

The search for Mandy Matula continues. It's been 11 days since the Eden Prairie woman disappeared.

The parents and other family members of Kira Trevino whose body was just found this week, are now in town to help the Matula family with their search.

Tammy Guyton and her daughter, Cassie, have just gotten off a plane from Houston, Texas. They are family members of Kira Trevino.

Tammy says she was walking to baggage claim when she got good news concerning Danielle Jelinek.

"I just got the phone call. That is amazing so now it's Mandy," Guyton said.

This journey has been done numerous times. First when Kira went missing. Then she came back for court cases for Jeffrey Trevino, Kira's husband. He remains the only suspect in her death. the family has nothing to say, to Jeffrey.

"There is nothing I could say, to him," Cassie Guyton said.

This time around the trip is to set plans to bury Kira. But also to help in the search for Mandy Matula.

"We're going to pay it forward. My daughter and I, we're both here. Jay is coming in, other family members, friends of Kira's. We're all trying to pay it forward. We need to find Mandy and bring her home soon," Tammy Guyton said.