Recognition for Hmong Veterans who Fought for U.S.

Updated: 05/12/2013 8:43 AM By: Joy Lim Nakrin

Hmong soldiers fought for the United States, alongside American troops during the Vietnam War.  Now, they will get some recognition for it.

On Tuesday, Governor Dayton will declare the first ever Hmong American Day. The day of observance will honor Hmong veterans for their sacrifices in service of our country. 

But the fight for full recognition continues. At the state capitol, Senator Foung Hawj reintroduced legislation to build a memorial honoring Hmong veterans who fought for the U.S.  Currently, the veterans construct a makeshift memorial each Memorial Day, only to tear it down after the celebrations.  

Several Hmong veterans have also urged Washington lawmakers to extend veterans' benefits and burial rights to them.

An estimated 3,500 Hmong veterans of the Vietnam War are still living in Minnesota. They and their families resettled in the state as refugees. Because they sided with the U.S. during the Vietnam war, they became the targets of brutal slaughter in their native lands.