Family Claims Local Cemetery Lost Their Loved One

Updated: 05/15/2013 12:28 PM By: Todd Wilson

Monica Washington says, the day before Mothers Day her family went to lay a head stone on their mothers grave. Only to be told by the folks who work at Oak Hill Cemetery that she was in a different grave than the one she was buried in.

"He got upset because they were adamant, no, she's not over here we know where she is. So he said, you can lay it wherever you want to lay it," Washington said.

Horrified by what was said, the family decided to leave. They came back Tuesday morning to confirm where their mother was buried.

"They started with the initial one where they were so for sure she was at, she wasn't there. They dug up another one, she was not there. And actually the third one they dug is where she was," Washington said.

KSTP reached out to the folks running the cemetery, and could only get Elton Goodspeed on the phone.

To get a problem solved KSTP was directed towards the office. But it only operates between the hours of 9 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday. KSTP did speak with a board member who said that's all they could afford and the place isn't professionally run.

KSTP then turned to the Minnesota Association of Cemeteries. They said cemeteries are typically divided into sections, then lots and ultimately graves. A cemetery should be able to locate a grave right to the inch of where it is. This is information you should demand before you lay your loved one to rest.

Goodspeed said Oak Hill keeps records but wouldn't tell me how.

Washington worries the cemetery was insensitive during an emotional time.

"And no other family should have to go through that," Washington said. 

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