Pain at the Pump as Gas Prices Soar above $4

Updated: 05/17/2013 5:21 PM By: Leslie Dyste

Minnesotans are feeling pain at the pump this week.

Gas prices are above $4 a gallon at many stations across Minnesota, and experts believe the high prices could last at least a month.

AAA tells KSTP two large refineries in the Chicago area closed, which has decreased some of the supply in the Midwest.

The switch to summer grade fuel is also causing a spike in prices, and some experts say it could be linked to unrest in the Middle East, which impacts the price of crude oil.

According to AAA, the highest average price on record for the state is $3.98, which was in 2008.

The lowest price KSTP crews found Thursday was $4.09 in Blaine.

Gas prices in Hawaii and California are notorious for being high. Thursday, Minnesotans are paying as much or more as people filling up in Honolulu and Beverly Hills.

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