State Capitol Repairs Needed, Funding Uncertain

Updated: 05/17/2013 7:34 AM By: Tim Sherno

The State Capitol is showing its age. In areas not normally open to the public, signs of severe water damage are common.

Dave Albien is Plant Manager at the State Capitol, and he says ruptured pipes and leaks have taken their toll. "It's what happens when plaster gets wet and then starts to dry out," he said. "It kind of goes back to its original powdery form." 

When the Capitol was built more than 100 years ago, the State Supreme Court was also housed in the structure.

The judge's dining area has been off-limits to the public for decades. The formally opulent room has fallen into chronic disrepair.

A repair and restoration project at the Capitol has begun but requires additional funding to continue. The funding is currently written into a bonding bill, but passage of that bill is uncertain.

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