Gemelos Hopes to Contribute to Lynx

Created: 05/16/2013 8:22 PM


Jacki Gemelos has a sharp 3-point shot and a deft passing touch to offer the Minnesota Lynx as they set the 11-player roster for this season.

Determination might be her best asset.

Gemelos (jah-MEHL'-ohce) is a 24-year-old rookie trying to make it in the WNBA despite a series of devastating knee injuries that abbreviated her college career at USC.

nullGemelos underwent in a six-year span a total of five surgeries to fix torn anterior cruciate ligaments, three on her left leg and two on her right. The Lynx drafted her in the second round last season, but she wasn't ready to play.

Now she's in training camp trying to make a strong enough impression to land a spot on this two-time defending Western Conference champion team.

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