Boaters Anchored Down by High Gas Prices

Updated: 05/17/2013 9:43 PM By: Todd Wilson

Don Gordon walks with his house boat as it's being moved from storage to the river.

On his mind during the short walk, gas prices.

"This is ridiculous, ridiculous," Gordon said. 

Gas at the Sunnyside Marina is $5.89 a gallon. Gordon's boat holds 800 gallons. He'll pay more than $4,700 to fill up.

Rick Chapman works for Sunnyside. He says, gas at a marina is higher because of the type of gas they use.

"Our fuel is, non-oxygenated 92 octane. So it's different from what you buy on the street," Chapman said.

He also said their prices rise at the same time prices go up at your gas station. The thing is, his price is always a $1 more than what the market is charging.

And yes, our three day spike is showing up here. Because of that, Chapman says, most of their boats will become cabins on the water.

"There won't be much boating happening. They'll still be here, but they'll spend their weekends at the marina not out on the river," Chapman said. 

Scott Regan says, he won't go that far, that's because he's got a way around inflated gas prices.

"I make arrangements with a home heating person to fill the boat. There's no road tax with them," Regan said.

Regan's boat takes 1,000 gallons. If he fills up at the marina his price tag for the summer is more than $5,800 per fill up.