Gas Prices Still on the Rise; Metro Among Most Expensive in US

Updated: 05/18/2013 2:38 PM By: Cassie Hart

Gas prices continues to rise overnight Friday, making Minnesota among the most expensive state for gasoline, according to gas reports.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in the Twin Cities was going for $4.34, Saturday morning according to At this time last year a gallon of regular was $3.62.

The U.S. average low is $3.21, the average high is $4.33 in Hawaii, according to the gas report.

Many drivers were feeling the pain at the pump Saturday morning in the metro.

Donna Cramer said, "This is unbelievable. This is an old vehicle and it doesn't get great gas mileage, and I can't afford a new car--now I can't afford gas."

Lina Bangu said, "You just wake up the next day and the gas prices are way up. So that's shocking. I want to be given ample time so I can prepare or plan. I don't want to just wake up one morning and have to pay one dollar more for gas."

AAA said two large refineries in the Chicago area closed, which has decreased some of the supply in the Midwest.

The switch to summer grade fuel is also causing a spike in prices, and some experts say it could be linked to unrest in the Middle East, which impacts the price of crude oil.

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