Bizarre Theft Leads to Carver Co. Investigation

Updated: 05/21/2013 7:26 AM By: Jay Kolls

The prices seemed too good to be true and they were. 

Last Saturday a Waconia Super America sold gas for $3.85 a gallon and everything inside the store was half-off. But, the owner didn't know anything about the grand sale.

The owner tells KSTP he was selling the store to prospective buyers who were running the gas station.

But, the owner says, their down payment did not clear the bank and the next thing he knew they sold gas at cut-rate prices, sold nearly everything in the store at half-price, pocketed nearly $50-thousand and then took off.

Carver County investigators confirmed they are looking into the possible theft and they say part of the investigation includes the gas prices. They say it is illegal, under state law, to set gas prices too low because it is a regulated industry.

The Super America is open again and the owner is doing a grand re-opening sale for his customers giving them a 5-cent a gallon discount and if they have a rewards card they get an additional 3-cents a gallon off the marked price.