Before You Grill, Consider How You Cook Your Meat

Updated: 05/24/2013 6:11 PM By: Jessica Miles

Before you head out to the grill with those hamburgers and hotdogs this Memorial Day weekend, consider this.

University of Minnesota researchers say how you cook your meat and how much you consume could put you at an increased risk for cancer.

Kristin Anderson with the Department of Public Health says studies show an association between burned meat and the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

"When you cook muscle meat products and that can be poultry, meat, fish at a high temperature you can form carcinogens, especially when you cook to the point of burning or charring," says Anderson.

Anderson says the carcinogens are only on the surface, not throughout the meat, so you can just scrape or cut the burned part off.

Other recommendations: move meat off direct heat, wrap it in foil, and keep it moist by marinating it.

And when it comes to marshmallows, who doesn't love a little crispness when you're cooking your s'more?

Anderson says anytime you burn something carcinogens form, but when it comes to vegetables or even marshmallows, you don't get the potent carcinogens that form when meat is burned.