Nice Ride Minnesota Adds 24 New Stations

Updated: 05/30/2013 11:03 PM By: Todd Wilson

Leon Webster has been a bicycle commuter for 25 years. He says Nice Ride keeps him fit but also helps him in business.

"I have had business colleagues come to town and after work we go out, rent a bike and we go for a little ride," Webster said.

Nice Ride is in the process of expanding. The non-profit organization set up 24 new stations just this week, bringing the total number of stations in the Twin Cities to 170 bike share stations and 1,550 bright green bicycles. The new stations will be placed along the Mississippi River.

"As far North as Webber Park, under the Mendota Bridge near the visitor center at Fort Snelling State Park," Bill Dossett of Nice Ride MN said.

This time the National Parks Service jumped board. Their park is 72 miles of the Mississippi River here in the Twin Cities, and many of those miles along the river are bike trails.

"We were able to find some federal transportation funds that are allocated to be used in national parks to help the nice ride program expand," Paul Labovitz of the National Park Service said.

Since the program launched in 2010 over a half a million rides have taken place. The busiest areas of use are Downtown Minneapolis, the University of Minnesota campus and Uptown.

Webster says Nice Ride is a great thing for the twin cities.

"People say, 'This is not like other places I've been. I can't believe you do it up here where it snows,'" Webster said.

Map of Nice Ride Stations