New Vikings Stadium Presented to Mpls Business Leaders

Updated: 05/31/2013 9:53 PM By: Kate Renner

The Vikings expect the new stadium to provide a big boost to our local economy. Friday, the Vikings and Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority spent time with local business leaders to talk about how the new stadium will help the Minneapolis economy.

The design has a clear roof with large, glass pivoting doors. Minneapolis is hoping to redevelop the area around it, creating a new nine-acre park, office towers, condos... and a huge parking ramp.

The current Metrodome has always sat apart from the rest of the downtown culture, kind of on an island of its own. But the new stadium is designed to include more of the neighborhood and make the stadium much more approachable.

The chairwoman of the sports authority called the Metrodome an economic development dead-zone but hopes an open, airier layout with glass revolving doors, and a clear roof will open up new possibilities for economic growth on this side of town.

The new stadium will still seat the same as before with 65,000 seats, but it has nearly double the amount of space, meaning there's a lot more places to come early and party before the game, and stay later and celebrate after a victory at home.