Hopkins High Cheerleader Accused of Prostituting Teammate

Updated: 06/19/2015 3:55 PM KSTP.com By: Leslie Dyste

Montia Marie Parker
Montia Marie Parker
Photo: Courtesy of Hennepin County

An 18-year-old senior at Hopkins High School in Minnetonka faces sex trafficking charges after allegedly prostituting a 16-year-old student on Backpage.com.

Montia Marie Parker of Maple Grove is charged with one count of sex trafficking in the second degree and one count of solicitation, inducement and promotion of prostitution.

According to a criminal complaint, both students are on the school's cheerleading team.

The victim, who is a sophomore, reported that she was talking March 3 with friends and other cheerleaders about ways to make some money. One of her friends said she could make money by giving men oral sex. The victim thought it was a joke, but they discussed the subject.

Later the girl received a message on Facebook from a senior on the cheerleader team, later identified as Parker.

Parker got the girl's phone number and later texted her asking if she would be willing to have sex for money, according to the complaint.

The girl said she would be willing to give men oral sex for money. Parker allegedly asked the girl to send photos of herself that were "not too nasty but kinda cute." She also told the girl to "show a little skin" and wear "different outfits."

Parker then posted the photos on Backpage.com and created an advertisement for the girl, according to the complaint.

Officers say Backpage.com is a website that's commonly used in juvenile prostitution.

The girl reported Parker texted her March 5 while she was at school, asking her to leave school and get into Parker's car. Two other females were in the car.

Parker drove to an apartment building in Crystal and told the girl, "You're up!" She told the girl to go into an apartment and give the man oral sex. The girl followed Parker's directions and received $60 in cash from the man.

Parker allegedly drove to the bank and deposited the money into her account. She didn't give any money to the girl.

A similar incident happened again March 6. The girl said Parker asked her to leave school again.

Parker allegedly called the school pretending to be the girl's mother to request the girl be excused from school for the day.

Parker drove the girl to a residence in Brooklyn Park where she told the girl to have sex with a man. The girl told Parker she didn't want to have sex with the man. Parker allegedly replied, "You'll be fine, I didn't drive up here for nothing, and eventually you will need to have sex."

The girl went inside and told the man she didn't want to have sex, but she would give him oral sex. He said no, and she left. Parker drove the girl back to school.

The girl's mother later learned about an unexcused absence from school March 5. She also noticed her daughter's behavior had changed recently.

She looked at her daughter's cell phone and saw text messages about her daughter prostituting herself.

The girl's mother called police. She also told police her daughter has an Individualized Education Program and works with a social worker at school due to a developmental cognitive delay.

Officers investigated the Backpage.com ad and text messages. Parker admitted on April 4 that she knew the girl from cheerleading and had creating the Backpage.com ad. She admitted she arranged the $60 price for oral sex with the man. She also admitted to the incident in Brooklyn Park.

Parker faces a penalty of up to 15 years in jail and or $40,000 for the first count, and up to 20 years in jail and or $50,000 for the second count.

Hopkins Public Schools released the following statement, "Although these events did not occur on school grounds, the charges are very serious. When we learned of them, we acted immediately to ensure the safety of all Hopkins High School students. In responding to this incident, we followed our discipline and safety policy, which includes permanently removing a student from campus. Whether an incident occurs on our campus or not, student safety is always our top priority."