Jake Mauer Building Future Twins as Minor League Manager

Updated: 06/11/2013 9:17 PM KSTP.com By: Chris Long

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His kid brother is the face of the Minnesota Twins, but Jake Mauer is helping shape future Twins.

After retiring from playing in the Twins organization back in 2005, Mauer has managed in the team's system ever since.

"The biggest challenge for me in ending playing to getting on the other side was learning you have to do everything you can to prepare the guys, then you have to let 'em play," Mauer said.

After spending his entire managerial career in Fort Myers - first with the Twins rookie team in the Gulf Coast League and then three years with High-Class A Fort Myers Miracle - Mauer moved this summer to Low-Class A Cedar Rapids.

"The biggest change is these kids are 18-19 years old for the most part," he says. "You'll see some things here that'll make you shake your head, but you'll see other things that shows they get it and that's what it's all about."

While moving from Fort Myers to Cedar Rapids does technically represent a step backwards in the Twins system - from High-A to Low-A - the move brought Mauer 1,400 miles closer to home.

"It's really nice," he says. "My brother Billy's been down. I've had my cousin Nate come through.  My parents have been here twice. Even some of my old teammates from St. Thomas and my coach Dennis Denning are planning to come by.   It's amazing how closely those guys all follow how things are going."

In his eight years with the Twins, Mauer has seen some tremendous talent come through his care.

"The most talented's is probably (current Cedar Rapids CF Byron) Buxton," he says. "You talk about a baseball player who's farther along it's probably (Brian) Dozier instincts-wise. Another guy - offensively - (Oswaldo) Arcia.  I've had the opportinuty to be around a lot of good players and good kids."

Asked what advice he imparts on his players as they chase the Major League dream, Mauer's answer may also apply to his own dreams of making 'The Show' as a manager.

"If you do your job in our organization with its history, you'll get an opportunity," he says. "If you're a good person and get after it the right way... good things tend to happen to you."