New Trucking Regulations Begin in July

Updated: 06/13/2013 7:43 PM By: Josh Rosenthal

Trucker Dustin Lund delivered potatoes in Minneapolis Thursday morning. The drive from Wisconsin took a little more than three hours -- and every hour counts.

"You take a look over at your logbook and find out you're not, you're not necessarily on," described Lund, "and you might have to stop a little bit sooner than what you expected."

Right now truckers like Lund can drive a maximum of 82 hours per week, but because of new regulations set to kick-in July 1, the new max will be 70.

"Well first of all we don't think they're needed," stated Minnesota Trucking Association President John Hausladen. He says the new hour limit will also limit productivity, and that could limit you.

"People are still gonna get their stuff," he said, "but what might happen is it might take a little longer and it might cost a little more."

Meanwhile, groups on the other side of the debate say the new rules don't go far enough. John Lannen, the executive director of the Truck Safety Coalition, said "it's all about safety ... there is too much potential for fatigue with the number of hours truckers drive."

Hausladen disagrees, saying "the average driver needs to worry more about another passenger car driver then they do about a truck driver on the road next to them."

As for Lund, he says he'll stay busy learning the new rules, saying "it just creates more frustration I guess."

There is ongoing litigation challenging the new regulations. The Minnesota Trucking Association is still telling their members to learn the new rules for now though, saying the litigation probably won't be settled by July.