Police: Man Posed as Aide to Sexually Assault Vulnerable Woman

Updated: 06/14/2013 8:29 PM KSTP.com By: Maricella Miranda

Corey Gordon
Corey Gordon
Photo: Photo: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office

A 42-year-old Minneapolis man is accused of pretending to be an aide to a woman who has brain damage so he could have sex with her after therapy sessions.

Corey Gordon has been charged in Hennepin County District Court with felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving the incidents. He appeared in court Thursday.

As of Friday morning, Gordon remained in the Hennepin County Jail.

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Gordon met the 32-year-old woman in October 2012 at the Mall of America while her mother was inside a store, according to a criminal complaint. When the mother found her daughter talking to Gordon, her daughter said she and Gordon had exchanged phone numbers. The mother also noticed that Gordon was looking up the woman's affliction on his iPad.

The woman has a rare brain disease that caused multiple miniature strokes resulting in permanent brain damage, the complaint said. The woman has the cognitive and emotional ability of someone between 8 and 10 years old. She also uses a walker and wears leg braces and hearing aids.

Over the next few months, the mother found text messages between her daughter and Gordon, which she believed were inappropriate and suggested a romantic relationship, the complaint said. The woman's family talked to Gordon and asked him to stay away from the woman because she was a vulnerable adult.

During that time, the woman was taking a Metro Mobility bus three days a week to therapy sessions at the Courage Center in Golden Valley, the complaint said.

On May 24, the mother drove her daughter to the center, where a staff member said that the woman's personal care attendant was waiting for the woman, the charge said. The mother became concerned because her daughter didn't have a personal care attendant.

The mother saw Gordon in the center's common area, the complaint said. The mother asked Gordon what he was doing there. Gordon pretended not to know the woman and left.

The center's staff said Gordon had been attending every therapy session with the woman for several months, the complaint said. Security at the center revealed that Gordon and the woman had gone into the assisted dressing rooms together multiple times.

The mother told police her daughter didn't need assistance with dressing.

When police spoke to the woman, she said she had met Gordon again at the Mall of America after they first met, the complaint said. During that time, the woman said they had sexual relations in a bathroom.

The woman also said they had sex multiple times in the Courage Center's dressing room, according to the charge. Gordon told the woman to keep their relationship a secret because he could be arrested, the woman told police.

Police learned that Gordon is required to register as a predatory offender. Gordon has been arrested.