Nice Ride Looking to Expand to Other Minn. Cities

Updated: 06/19/2013 2:41 PM By: Jenna Jaynes

KSTP File Photo
KSTP File Photo

Nice Ride is looking to expand its bike ride system to different cities in Minnesota.

Thanks to sponsor Blue Cross Blue Shield, the bike rental company is creating a new Director for Greater Minnesota Strategies position that will look at the possibilities of expanding the company past the Twin Cities, said Nice Ride spokesman Anthony Ongaro.

The position is expected to be filled in July.

The new initiative will look at different cities in Minnesota, like Rochester, and decide what the best course of action will be, Ongaro said.

“Specifically with Rochester, there would be the density that is needed for something like in the Twin Cities,” he said.

Since its start in 2008 the company has grown to nearly 1500 bikes and 170 stations, including 24 new stations added this year.

Over Father’s Day weekend, the company saw 8,000 trips, and compared to last year there are more trips being taken per day, according to Ongaro.

Nice Ride offers a one day subscription for $6, and a yearly subscription for $65. Cyclists can check out a bike for an unlimited amount of time at different fees.

The rates are available here. However, by going from station to station in half-hour increments, a bicyclist can ride free all day.

Should the expansion take place, yearly subscribers to the Nice Ride program will be able to use their key at any station across Minnesota.

“We’re looking for opportunities to continue to grow,” Ongaro said. “We want people out on bikes whether it’s their own or Nice Ride. That’s our overall goal.”

For more information see the Nice Ride website here.