Younger Generation Turning to Vinyl for Music

Updated: 06/21/2013 10:30 PM By: Cassie Hart

Turns out the new way your kids are listening to music ... might actually be your old way.

According to a report from Nielsen Soundscan and Billboard, vinyl record sales increased in 2012 while CD sales decreased, and now music stores are falling in line.

"Both this here and this here used to be all CD's," explained Matt Dunn as he pointed out newly arranged sections of music at The Electric Fetus in Minneapolis. Now they're all vinyl. That's because vinyl sales have increased at the electric fetus by at least 25 percent in each of the past three years.

"You see vinyl sales that are going up. CD sales are kind of going down," Dunn said.

It's not people who grew up listening to vinyl behind the trend either. For instance, dad Chris Pavlich is shopping for vinyl because he got a text from his eight-year-old son, reading "the new Beady Eye record is out."

And yes, his son is eight-years-old.

"He's cool," Pavlich said of his son. "He's a cool kid. Likes his stuff on wax."

At Hymie's Vintage Records in Minneapolis, the customers aren't necessarily eight-years-old, but as far as vinyl sales go, the store is seeing the same trend.

"They collected records as kids maybe, but more so it was something their parents did and they kind of have this nostalgia about it," said owner Laura Hoenack.

Also, many new vinyl's come with digital copies of the music too.

"When you buy this record you get a complete download of the record," Hoenack pointed out. "You can listen to it on any device that you want."

In other words, vinyl has changed a little, but those records from years ago are spinning again.