Zellers Throws Hat in Ring for Minn. Governor

Updated: 06/24/2013 7:24 AM KSTP.com By: Jay Kolls

The latest Republican to officially join the race for the party's Gubernatorial nomination is former House Speaker, Kurt Zellers. Outside a friend's Maple Grove home, Zellers formally announced his candidacy with family and friends surrounding him.

Zellers told supporters he thinks there is a "better tomorrow for Minnesota" and Governor Mark Dayton's recent support of tax increases shows he is out of touch with middle class workers. It's is clear Zellers, and other Republicans who've already announced their Gubernatorial candidacies, are targeting Governor Dayton's latest legislative record.

Zellers, pointing to this year's $2-billion in new taxes, told supporters "Governor Dayton does not know what the middle class goes through and that's why he pushed for these tax increases."

Zellers joined fellow Republican, State Senator David Thompson, Lakeville, this weekend in making an announcement to run for the GOP nomination. Senator Thompson says he will make a formal declaration later this week.

Hennepin County Commissioner, Jeff Johnson, and Orono businessman, Scott Honour, have already announced they are in the race for Governor.

Several other Republicans have hinted at a possible run, including State Senators David Hann, Eden Prairie, and Julie Rosen, Fairmont.