Officials: Use Caution Around Traffic Lights Without Power

Updated: 06/24/2013 9:56 AM By: Cassie Hart

Many traffic lights were still without power Monday morning.
Xcel Energy says crews are working hard to get the signals back up and running. Until they do, you will want to use extra caution. Officials say you should treat the flashing lights or blacked out signal like a four-way stop sign.
All across the Lake Calhoun area, there is spotty coverage, so some lights may have power and others may not. So it's important to be attentive.  

Xcel Energy said they have called in help from 22 different energy companies across 14 states to get the power back on to those lights.
We spotted trucks from Michigan and Missouri in St. Paul as crews prepared to put in another 16 hour day Monday.
According to Xcel Energy, traffic lights are a top priority because it's among the top five public safety issues.