Water Restrictions in Golden Valley, Crystal and New Hope

Updated: 06/27/2013 6:29 AM KSTP.com By: Katherine Johnson

The metro saw two and a half inches of rain on Friday. Then another inch on Saturday. 

Now sprinkle in at least a few downpours every day since and much like the rain, the problems just won't let up.

"Only use water as a necessity," said Bert Tracy with Golden Valley Public Works.

The cities of New Hope, Crystal and Golden Valley all depend on two pump stations for water and now they're down to one.

"Our towers got quite low it was a little bit nerve-racking for a little bit there," said Tracy.

The pipe delivering water to one of those two pump stations burst on Saturday cutting the supply for the nearly 90,000 people in the three cities in half.

"We want to make sure people are conserving until we get through this tough time," said Tracy.

"Right now the ground is nice and wet but I've got a new underground sprinkler system that I'd like to use. It kind of bums me out," said New Hope resident Doug Stanford.

On average, the three cities use about five million gallons of water each day but on a hot summer day usage can peak at 17 million gallons.  

"Given the situation with the storms and predicted weather still coming, we're still nervous," said Tracy.

The restrictions may spoil the fun on a hot day, but it guarantees enough water in the an emergency like a house fire.

Public Works employees say the ruptured water main won't be up and operational for another two to three weeks.