Food Trucks Enjoy Big Business in Minneapolis

Updated: 06/28/2013 5:13 PM By: Kate Renner

Food trucks are booming in Minneapolis, and this weekend it's kind of like their Super Bowl.

Food truck operators are slamming during lunch hour during the weekdays in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. And on the weekends they're busy with event nearly every day. This weekend most trucks will head to Pride Fest in Loring Park and on Sunday the Minnesota Food Truck fair in Uptown.

Bloomys Roast Beef's profits are up 50-percent from last year. Potter's Pasties profits tripled in the first year, and they expect them to triple again this year.

Potter's owner Alec Duncan's overhead is low and unlike a brick and mortar restaurant, his labor costs are only 20-percent of his total expenses.

The demand is there, some of these trucks schedule two to four events a day. And that mobility is something food trucks can have that restaurants can't.

Although most of the food trucks make the majority of their money in the summer. So Bloomys and Potters are trying to expand into the catering business to stay afloat during the long Minnesota winters.