Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers End Their US Tour In Minneapolis

Updated: 02/18/2014 9:57 AM By: Sarina Long

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers proved why they are true, classic rockers.

They played in front of a packed house at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis last night and only took a brief break during band intros.

Minneapolis was lucky to host the band on the final stop of the 12-city tour.

Petty told fans, “We’re gonna play as many songs as we can for you tonight.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers kept it cool and mixed in deep cuts from their Damn the Torpedoes album (1979), Southern Accents album (1985), Wild Flowers album (1994), and they also threw in a few surprises for many concert-goers who have seen the band perform more than once.

"Alright we're gonna get into our MoJo album (2010), gettin' all loud and disrespectful," Petty said.

The crowd sang along to classics like “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” “Free Fallin’,” and the show closer which left Target Center buzzing, “American Girl.” “We’re gonna end things where we started,” Petty said before the first few chords of “American Girl.”

Before leaving the stage Petty and his mates took several very appreciative bows thanking fans for their support. It is clear that Petty & The Heartbreakers are a good mix. While he was introducing the band, Petty told the crowd a quick story about each one of them and why they were so special to him. Some are childhood friends, some Petty shared “rebel” moments with, he called Mike Campbell “my co-captain who I wouldn't be here if it weren't for him.”

Maybe some of the bands today should take a page from Petty’s book. The band has been around for over 30 years, with nearly all of the original members (four of the five have been together since the beginning).

After the opening act 80s rockers The Smithereens wrapped up, I had a chance to scan the audience.  A little girl caught my attention right away. First thing she told me, “This is my first concert and I’m so excited to be here!” Ten year-old Frances from Minnetonka got a pretty cool birthday present from her dad Mike who is a huge Petty fan.

“My dad played Tom Petty in the car and I have been a fan since I was born,” Frances told me. “My favorite song is American Girl.”

“We love Petty. This is my 12th show. Last time I saw him was in Alpine Valley.”

When I asked Mike what he expected with this show, he said “I’m mostly looking forward to seeing {Frances'} excitement, a new fan.”

There were some really special moments throughout the night with this sweet family. I saw Mike singing to his daughter during “You’re So Bad,” he turned to Frances and sang, “You’re so bad…you’re the best thing I ever had.”

Coolest dad award goes to you Mike.

Frances, I’m sure you’ll be telling all of your friends and family about your first concert for years to come. By the way, you’re rocker girl gestures made me smile. You are the cutest.

Bonnie and her husband Doug from Eagan are also big Petty fans.

“He sounds exactly like he does on the radio. It is what it is. He plays his guitar, he’s so easy-going, he’s never running across the stage and he just plays what you want to hear,” Bonnie said. “Usually his stage is decorated with carpets and a candelabra. I don’t know what they’re going to do tonight.”

“I love singing and dancing to his songs, especially ‘Free Fallin’ and ‘American Girl’.”

“My wife is a huge fan, she’s part of his club {The Highway Companions Club}. Listening to it all the time with her, I fell in love with it too,” Doug said.

After the show Ann from St. Louis said, “I’ve been seeing Petty since 1980. He did not disappoint.” "He's 62-years-old and still puts on a fun concert."

Her sister, Jane from Woodbury said, “This is my fourth time seeing him and I loved it. When you look out and see the audience, there’s such a variety of ages and everyone is dancing and into it.”

While this was their last stop on the US tour, there have been talks of a new album -- so stay tuned.

Minneapolis Set List

Rock & Roll Star

Love is a Long Road

I Won’t Back Down

Baby Please Don’t Go

Here Comes My Girl

Mary Jane's Last Dance

Free Fallin’

Woman in Love

Cabin Down Below

(Brief break for band intros)

Tweeter and the Monkey Man


It’s Good to Be King

Learning to Fly

You’re So Bad

I Should Have Known It


Running Down a Dream


Don’t Come Around Here

You Wreck Me

American Girl