Costly Cleanup for Abandoned Spring Lake Park Home

Updated: 07/04/2013 6:38 AM By: Todd Wilson

Barry Brainard showed a KSTP crew around the backyard of a Spring Lake Park home that's vacant and now bank owned after a foreclosure. Brainard works for code enforcement and says he's stunned by the mess.

"This ranks as one of the worst ones we've seen," Brainard said.

He says, in April the people who owned this house abandoned it. They left many of their belongings inside and outside of the home.

A storage facility on the property is filled with boxes and boxes of disposable briefs. On the outside there are kids toys, abandoned car tires,  even seats for your car. Right next to the garage there is furniture everywhere.

"To clean that backyard up is probably gong to cost somewhere in the area of $5,000 to $10,000. Currently we are at about $2,000 in the front yard," Brainard said.

The city has given notice to the property owner, Freddie Mac, that they need to clean it up. Freddie Mac told KSTP by phone, they can't do anything until July 25. That's when they officially take possession of the property. The city says, Freddie Mac only has until the 18th. After that they will clean it up and bill Freddie Mac.
Jeneatte Michalski says, the house is an eye sore in her neighborhood.

"It worries me about the values of our homes and what people think when they drive by, it's one of the first houses when you enter the block," Michalski said.

Brainard says, no neighborhood should suffer because of a neglectful home owner.