Woodbury's Kallman Brothers Join Forces On Minnesota United

Created: 07/03/2013 11:21 PM KSTP.com By: Chris Long and Jeff Brioschi

Brian and Brent Kallman practice headers during a Minnesota United practice session
Brian and Brent Kallman practice headers during a Minnesota United practice session
Photo: KSTP

Playing a sport professionally is an athlete's dream.  It's even sweeter when your pro dream comes true in your hometown.

Woodbury-native Brian Kallman has been living that dream for a few years as a member of the Twin Cities' pro-sports franchises.

"I grew up coming to games at the NSC, watching the Thunder," Kallman says. "Now I've been fortunate enough to play. I'm in my seventh year."

As one of the longest-tenured players on Minnesota United, Kallman has seen teammates come and go.

But one new teammate who arrived earlier this season was special.

"Well, we're family anyway here at United," Kallman says. "Now that I have my little brother here, it's even more of a family."

After following big-brother Brian from Woodbury to Creighton University for college, Brent Kallman signed on with United earlier this summer.

"Through college, I kept my eye on the team because my brother has been here so long," the younger Kallman says.

he chance to play with his younger brother is an unlikely fortune for Brian.

"I'm 7 years older, so I never thought I'd have the chance," Brian says.

"Our three sisters got to play basketball and soccer together, but we never did get to," Brent says.

So for once, these two of six Kallman kids finally get to play with each other - instead of against each other.

"We used to beat up on Brent pretty good with pillows and boxing gloves," Brian admits.

"Even board games would end in controversy," Brent laughs.  "They definitely didn't let me win much.  It made me a better competitor I think."

"Actually," Brian chuckles, "I think it's why he's three inches taller than me."

United hosts Atlanta as the second half of the NASL season begins on Thursday, July 4th at the NSC Soccer Stadium in Blaine.  Kickoff is at 7:00.