Edina's New Redevelopment Coordinator Starts Work

Updated: 07/05/2013 8:33 PM KSTP.com By: Joy Lim Nakrin

Edina's construction boom has caused so many complaints that the city created a new position just to handle them.

Cindy Larson is the newly appointed Residential Redevelopment Coordinator. She started June 20. She explains, "It's a new position. There is no other position like this in the state of Minnesota."

Larson drives down city streets, checking to see that construction sites comply with code after rampant reports of parking problems, debris, construction noise and other annoyances.

Larson says, "Prior to me being on board it was a reactionary response where the city would look into the matter as the calls came in. Now that I'm on board I'm out patrolling the area looking for issues before they become really large issues."

In 2012, the City approved a record 100 building permits, roughly bringing in an extra $3 million.