Marketers, Stalkers Benefit from New Facebook Search Tool

Updated: 07/10/2013 7:54 AM By: Nick Winkler

Graph Search, Facebook's self-proclaimed "third pillar" search product, allows users to engage in a much more thorough search than simply looking across someone's timeline.
For instance, users can now use natural language to search for data about friends that was once hidden.
It creates opportunities for marketers and advertisers that want to get people to try a specific restaurant or retail outlet.
However, it also allows cyber stalkers the ability to search for and find data some would rather them not see.
Social media strategist Jason Douglas tell KSTP you can protect yourself. "You can absolutely hide things. You are in control of what is in your profile, whether it's public- not just friends and acquaintances, everything you post you have a choice in deciding who sees it."
He says adjust and keep tight control over your privacy settings, and in the end Graph Search can only find what you're willing to post.