FEMA Assesses Minneapolis Storm Damage

Updated: 07/11/2013 9:07 AM KSTP.com By: Jay Kolls

Minneapolis officials met with the Federal Government Wednesday to see if financial aid might be available. 

Minneapolis Parks Forestry representatives say the damage from last month's storms might reach $2 million and that is why FEMA came to town to meet with them.

So far, after nearly three weeks, only about half of the city is cleaned-up from downed trees and limbs that are scattered all over the city.

The North side is finished, and now crews are working on the South side where the storms hit hardest.

Crews are working six days a week, nine to 10 hour days and there is no end in sight. Parks Board officials say the clean-up of city streets could take until Labor Day to finish.

Then, crews will fan out and try to clean up all of the city owned parks. That could take a month or more to finish as well.

City officials do not expect to hear back from FEMA on now much money, if any, is available to aid in the cleanup.

City officials say some companies know the city will pick up trees placed on the curb. When you hire someone, make sure you’re not paying for the trees to be removed and hauled away; you should only pay the cost of moving the debris to the curb.