Bike Stolen from Patroller with Special Needs in Mpls.

Updated: 07/12/2013 7:00 PM By: Joy Lim Nakrin

A young Minneapolis man with special needs volunteers his time to keep others safe; he patrols walking paths on his bike. But this week the bike was stolen.

Joe Toth worked odd jobs for 2 years to earn the $1400 he needed to buy and outfit his special bike, equipped with lights, sirens, and more.

It all stemmed from a childhood dream. His father Steve Toth explains, "Joe from a very young age wanted to be a policeman." Due to Joe's developmental disabilities, that wasn't possible.

But instead of giving up, Joe found a new way to pursue his dream. His father continues, "When he learned he couldn't be a policeman he developed his own way of serving and so he started the safety patrol."

Along paths, Joe offers directions to lost walkers, joggers and bikers, and is equipped with items such as bandages to help injured outdoor enthusiasts.

That's what made the theft so heartbreaking for the Toth family. Steve said, "I just felt like it ripped a part of my heart out because I don't have my bike."

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