Group Claims Police Brutality Against Brooklyn Park Officer

Updated: 07/16/2013 1:13 PM By: Ellen Galles

A traffic stop caught on camera from 2007 might come back to haunt a Brooklyn Park police officer. The group "Communities United Against Police Brutality" is releasing the video because they say the one-week suspension the officer served back in June wasn't harsh enough.

The group claims Sgt. Greg Burstad repeatedly hit the suspect in the video, even after his hands were raised in a surrender.  It has submitted a number of complaints involving the officer and his superiors to local departments and the FBI.

A spokesperson for the Brooklyn Park Police Department says it spent nine months investigating 106 potential policy violations against Burstad, and only eight of them had merit. The Department placed Burstad on a week-long suspension last month. He is now back on the job. 

The department also issued this statement saying "several years have passed since Burstad was involved in the failures outlined in the investigation. He has since helped our department develop gang reduction and youth violence prevention efforts that have been progressive, well-managed and professionally competent."

Click here for the complete statement from police.