Gov. Dayton Reacts to Flaws in State's Accounting System

Updated: 07/18/2013 7:17 AM By: Jay Kolls

Gov. Mark Dayton says Minnesotans expect and deserve to know their tax dollars are spent properly and are accounted for.

That was the governor's reaction to a 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS story outlining major flaws in the state's new $70 million accounting system.

Legislative Auditor James Nobles told us the accounting system is "not doing what it is supposed to do," and he is not confident the financial numbers are accurate. The system is known by the acronym S.W.I.F.T and was implemented in 2011.

Nobles says the computer glitches in the system caused the state's 2012 financial reports to be submitted three months late to the federal government and violated federal law because of the delay.

The system is supposed to track state government spending, which was $17 billion in 2012. Nobles says he could not adequately reconcile the numbers because information was incomplete, and by submitting the financials late it puts the state's credit rating at risk.

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, (R) Crown, tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he would support "a special session of the Minnesota Legislature if the problems with the computer system are not fixed by this fall."

The deadline for the state's financial statements are Dec. 31, 2013, for fiscal year 2013. Nobles says, right now, the problems are not fixed and he is concerned it will cause another delay and force the state to miss another filing deadline in five months with the federal government.