More Minnesotans Buying Beer In Growlers

Updated: 07/21/2013 1:29 PM By: Josh Rosenthal

At the Summer Beer Dabbler in St. Paul, it's obvious - Minnesotans like beer.

But how we buy that beer could be changing.

"Growlers are more popular, especially this year," said Sean O'Byrne, the owner of Great Waters Brewing Co. in downtown St. Paul.

Ryan Click - who we found at the Beer Dabbler - backs up that sentiment. He likes growlers so much, he handed them out at his wedding.

"If you don't got the brewery close enough to you," he said, "bring the brewery home."

At Great Waters, O'Byrne said he's sold growlers for 15 years, but now they're more popular than ever.

"You can take it home, share it with friends, bring it back and get refills. It's sort of the gift that keeps giving," he said.

O'Byrne also points out that the price of growlers isn't bad either. They hold 64 ounces of beer, or roughly the equivalent of four pints.

On average, four individual pints of beer will cost about $20 at a bar. Growlers cost about $17, including the growler itself. Refills run about $12.

Also, new legislation easing restrictions on growlers helps too.

"All the new breweries that are coming up in Minnesota," O'Byrne said, "they're allowed to sell growlers. That's a new wrinkle."

As for Click, we couldn't help but ask - was his wife OK with the growlers?

Click smiled.

"She loved it. We're German and Catholic, what's not to like about a growler of beer."