Big Changes Possible in State High School League Conferences

Updated: 07/23/2013 6:25 AM By: Tim Sherno

The Minnesota State High School League expects there to be significant changes in conference rosters.

Dave Stead is the Executive Director of the League, "This has been pretty significant when it comes time for different schools going in different directions. Some schools have made an application to a conference and been accepted. Others are still looking for some place to go, and there are probably lots of schools out there, lots of conferences talking about what the next step might be for them."

Mike Sjoberg is the Assistant Headmaster at St.Thomas Academy. He says St.Thomas is currently looking for a conference that will accept the school, "The conference dissolved, and then everybody in the conference with the exception of us got back together, having a meeting two days later and started to form a new conference. We were not invited."

State law requires a school to apply to, and be rejected by two conferences before taking action, "There's state legislation that requires us to put a school into a conference, if a conference dissolves, or if a school is involuntarily excluded from a conference."

It's widely accepted that hockey and football cause the most visible and dramatic imbalances in a conference, the league is considering a big change known as All Football Conferences.
The idea would be to ask 32 teams to form themselves into four groups of eight, which would create a more competitive environment.

The league says there will be more discussion on the topic later this year, and changes could begin in 2015-2016 season.