Golf Lessons Go High Tech in Coon Rapids

Created: 07/23/2013 6:30 PM By: Leslie Dyste

Golf lessons are becoming a lot more than just a trip to the driving range with a professional.

A company called Golf Tech is expanding operations right to the golf course. Bunker Hills in Coon Rapids has just added the state of the art technology.

They use special equipment including video cameras and body sensors to help golfers get their swing corrected.

The perfect swing is created by analyzing the game of 150 professional golfers. The sensors will start beeping whenever a person's swing becomes imperfect. The instructors say it's very hard to change a golfer's muscle memory which controls their swing.

A golfer a KSTP crew spoke with says she has shaved ten strokes off her game with the lessons.

Golfers can take a second look at their lessons which are recorded and posted online to view from home.

The first lesson is about an hour and costs between $45 and $85 depending on what a golfer needs. 

Click here to learn more about the technology.